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B Stars, Introduced  the quality manufacturers and exporters, Importers, Traders of high quality sports goods, soccer, sport wear, winter wears, sports and fitness gloves, textile & leather garments, New and used machinery/plants, surgical instruments, unique & antique furniture   since 35 years.

We are committed to the highest quality articles for buyers, whole sellers and importers through out the world. We are very well aware the globe market requirements. Our craftsmanship are very well introduce in the markets of the world. We have very satisfied customers all over the major markets of the world.

From promotional to professional's, We provide what you need, at a price, you can afford. We paid full attention to the smallest detail for durability and structure of our product. We are In position to meet the maximum requirements and quantities in minimum possible time as per the demand and requirement of our valued customers.

The market of our articles and products  makes successful and long terms businesses relationship essential. For business strength and success has been our responsiveness to our customer as well as the quality of our workman ship and most professional service. Each product we produce & trade has to pass stringent quality Control procedures in order to be qualified to go passed our shipping line. Players who need to improve there game should look for the right equipment all  the time and importers, distributors always wants a product which can give them profit and good reputation. This is where we rise above the others. Our understanding of sports wear and sports  goods  technology, 100% computerized machinery. 

B Stars   participate regularly in fairs and exhibitions in all over the world, which help us to understand the requirements and needs of our valued customers and global market requirements.

We visit individually to our clients in all over the world and invite them  to see our units and the skills of our hardworking labor force..

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