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Ladies white button front blouse with lace edging. Skirt sold separately.


      Available in white or cream fabric.    




Dirndl with a white and blue striped apron and a white blouse Blouse & apron are sold separately 100% Polyester fabric.

Black dirndl with pink embroidery and a pink eyelet apron and a white blouse. Mini length

We also carry women’s lederhosen, embroidered in a variety of sizes;  available in satin with optional pins, chain,
and blouse; Petulant, made with cotton or nylon; Skirts, available in  Erika, Greta, and more styles;
Spencer's, in a variety of fabrics and styles; and Suspenders; embroidered in grey or black

Our product range includes but is not limited to the following products:
The samples shown here are representative of our product line, if you are interested in
a product that is not shown here, please contact US


       LEDERHOSEN FOR MEN                              GERMAN-SHIRTS



White button down trachten shirt. 80% cotton, 20% polyester.
Embroidered with an edelweiss flower and stag buttons.

Men's brown plaid long sleeve shirt.


Gray cow suede leather with green oak leaf pockets.
Suspenders sold separately.




Black cow suede leather with green embroidery.
Machine embroidery. Suspenders sold separately.







Embroidery similar  Machine embroidery. Rindspalt
(cow suede) leather. If interested in Laponia or Elk Leather,  Suspenders sold separately


German Lederhosen - Vests


Prien vest - Swallow pockets
100% Polyester Vest


Miesbacher vest - Straight pockets

100% Polyester Vest


T-shirt with German eagle

Grey only

Suspender Tshirt

Screen printed suspender tshirt. White only.




We encourage you to browse our online embroidery and imports catalog
and see for yourself the quality and selection we offer.





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